When will my order ship? 

It is understandable for our customers to be eager to receive their Ataria NYC product. Once your order is received, we will send you a confirmation email with your confirmation number. As soon as your order is shipped we will provide you will a tracking number, and with that you will be able to track the delivery time of your order.

For inventory on hand, processing time takes 3-4 business days and shipping takes 2 days
For inventory at the warehouse, processing time can take up to 15-20 days and shipping takes 2 days

How will my order ship and how much will I be charged? 

All domestic orders are delivered via USPS. We offer 2- day delivery and Express Delivery.
         Shipping prices for 2-day express delivery vary depending on the weight of the product and the location of the customer. It can range anywhere from $7-$11.
         One of Ataria NYC's business strategy lies within our express delivery services. We offer express 2-day and 1-day delivery at a very reduced rate. We require our customers to pay half of the total express shipping cost from their location, while Ataria NYC pays the other half.

 An email notification with tracking information will be sent to you when your package has shipped.

Will you give me a tracking number? 

Of course! When your order ships out, you'll get an automatic e-mail with a tracking number.  We’ll provide the tracking number as soon as your order ships, but it sometimes takes 24-48 hours to go live within the carriers’s system.

Please note: International shipments may take up to 4 days for tracking to appear.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally.


What payment method can I use for my purchase?

Ataria NYC offers the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover. Any other forms of payment might be subject to refusal. If customers do not own any of the above payment methods, contact us and we will provide alternative payment methods.

Why might my credit card be refused?

Your credit card may be refused for any of the following reasons:

- The card may have expired. Make sure to check that your card is still valid.

- You may be using a payment method that is not supported by Ataria NYC

- You may have reached your credit limit. Make sure to contact your bank to check that you have not exceeded your credit card's authorized purchase limit.

- You may have entered some information incorrectly. Make sure to check that you have filled in all the required fields correctly.

Can I order Tax-free?

No, all products purchased on our site are subject to Country and/or State sales tax.